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Open the door to a vast world that lies between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator. Home to a marine extravaganza as diverse and vibrant as it is unique. The Inner islands bosst an abundance of marine life including butterflyfish, angelfish, soldierfish and squirrelfish among others and reefs that feature octopus, spiny lobster and a plethora of nudibranchs. Dive Centres are located throughout Mahé, Plaslin and La Digue. The Outer islands offer rewarding experiences around the numerous coral atolls and sand cays accessible mainly by life-aboard charter yacht. There are dive centres located on the island of Desroches, famous for its caves and canyons, and also on Alphonse with its spectacular drop-off. And if you are not a diver, Seychelles offers exeptional swimming and snorkeling in the warm crystal waters of our marine parks and coastal shallows where a living aquarium awaits you.

Why not take the plunge with any one of our dive centres and explore the wonders of Seychelles’ underwater world, where limpid waters combine with spectacular seascapes and a plethora of marine life forms to thrill both experienced diver and novice alike.

There’s a wide choice of dive operators available throughout the islands, both land-based and live-aboard, so, wherever you roam, the chances are you’ll be able to dive.

Each dive centre will have its favourite spots based featuring extraordinary scenery, amazing marine life or both combined.  Most dive centres are located right on the beachfront from where a short ride in your wonderfully uncrowded dive boat will bring you within reach of a host of diving sites offering unforgettable diving experiences.

A shallow-water expedition into the Ste. Anne marine park, surrounded by the splendour of its encircling islands will introduce you to a whole variety of fish.  Turtle rocks, just off the east coast of Mahé, is famous for its stingrays, sharks and soldier fish while the ‘Vista’ and ‘Sunset’ rocks to the north-west are host to crayfish, octopus, snapper and scorpion fish.

Advanced divers can look forward to the delights of the famous ‘Ennerdale’, ‘Twin Barges’ and ‘Dredger’ wrecks with their sharks, groupers, rays and pelagics.  If drift diving is what you’re after then look no further than the ‘Lighthouse’ known for its coral formations, but also hosting many reef fish with hawksbill turtles and moray eels also often present at this site.

If you’re heading to the south of Mahé, then you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to great diving venues such as the magnificent granite topography of the ‘Jail House’ rock or the beautiful corals of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Some diving operators offer such value added activities as beach bar-b-q’s or picnics on some secret beach where to relax and swap stories of some of the best diving around.  Others offer the thrill of night dives in welcoming moonlit waters.  It’s a good idea to combine a dive with such complementary activities which are guaranteed to fill your days and give you the memories of a lifetime.

Live-aboard dive operators give you the opportunity of traveling further afield to Praslin and La Digue.  Also to islands with magical names such as Desroches where fabulous canyon and cave dives await or Alphonse, with its drop and profusion of magnificent corals.  Further on still lies the ultimate prize – Aldabra – UNESCO World Heritage Site and largest raised coral atoll on earth.  Here, among the giant lagoon’s rivers and channels, are diving opportunities galore among some of the most spectacular seascapes and dense populations of marine life on the planet.


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