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Camille Mondon - Artist

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Camille Mondon, artist, born 3rd August 1969 lives in the south of Mahe. He is a self employed freelance artist. Has undergone formal training school of art and design 3 years, school of education, diploma 2 years and University of Sussex, UK completed with a bachelor degree in Education and Art.

Camille has been painting and doing artworks from as far back as he can recollect. The ordinary task of everyday life back in his childhood has all aided into shaping him to become the artist he is today.
Weaving basket, mending fishing nets, making traditional broom/toys with his parents  all these activities has been instrumental into making him a very dexterous person and these can be witnessed in his sculptures, 3D sandstones, craft objects he makes as souvenirs.
His water colour paintings really captures the essence of the subject matter be it landscape, seascape, local character, whatever he paints his attention to details, the depth and passion leaves viewers with an out of this world experience.

Camille does commissioned works, has done several projects for Eden island. One of his most prestigious commission work was a painting he did on request from the head of state to gift to the Pope. He also did one for his Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge whilst on their honeymoon in the Seychelles.

Camille is an all round artist, he has his own framing workshop he specializes in custom framing with imported raw materials form UK and south Africa. His painting can be viewed at his gallery at camion hall building, codevar.” Camarts gallery”, Kenwyn house and all around the islands in hotels, private homes and government buildings.
He often participates in group exhibitions, charity auctions with other artist.
Camille is truly one of the most dedicated artist.

Eden Art Gallery

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