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Do's & Don'ts

Do's & Don'ts     
This section covers those areas or activities which, in the interests of enjoying a fine holiday experience, are best avoided.

Although Seychelles has a relatively low level of crime it is advisable not to carry large sums of money, items of value or important documents such as passports on your person.  Most hotels offer facilities for safeguarding these.  Similarly, do not take these to the beach or leave them in your hired vehicle or on display in your hotel room.

Avoid changing all your foreign exchange into Seychelles Rupees (SCR) at one time but rather calculate your daily requirements and change only what you need for a specific period of time.

Do not change your foreign exchange illegally with unauthorised traders but rather through banks, hotel cashiers and at the Bureau de Change at the airport.

Do not stay at unlicensed tourism premises as these may not offer you the quality of vacation that you had envisaged and may lead to a range of disappointing experiences.

As with many tourism destinations be prudent when it comes to walking alone at night or in secluded places such as remote beaches.  If you are intending to go out alone then it is wise to advise someone at your hotel of your proposed whereabouts.

Remember that the sun in Seychelles is very strong.  Do not lie in it without applying sun block of an appropriate strength for your skin.

Please do not litter.  If there are no litter bins immediately available, then please take your litter back to your hotel and dispose of it accordingly.

Please resist the urge to collect seashells along the beaches as many are used as habitation by hermit crabs.  Collecting shells is prohibited in nature reserves, marine parks and reserves in Seychelles.  The unique and unusual tropical flora is beautiful and for it to remain so, it is important that you admire it, but leave it for others to enjoy.  Any flora taken as souvenirs must have a certificate and an official export permit which must be produced, when checking in at the international airport.

Be considerate towards the fauna and sensitive to its sometimes fragile nature.  Please walk carefully on the reefs and do not feed sea birds, mammals, turtles or tortoises or disturb them or their nesting grounds.