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Island Group :   Amirantes Group   Population :   Circa 40
Distance from Mahé:   255km   Area :   1.5

Part of the Amirantes Group, D’Arros is situated 255km southwest of Mahé and some 45km west of Desroches. Together with the adjoining atoll of St Joseph, D’Arros forms part of a private estate with a lagoon of exceptional beauty.

The island hosts a number of colonies of sea birds such as frigates, fairy terns, crested terns, tropic birds and lesser noddies. There is a small population of giant land tortoises and the island is often visited by sea turtles during the nesting season.

Once owned by a prominent local Seychellois family, the island was purchased by Prince Shahram Pahlavi-nia of Iran in 1975 and remains under private ownership until today.