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Bird Island

Bird Islandbird island
Island Group :      Inner Islands Group        
Population :         37
Distance from Mahé:      100km            
Bird Island
Bird, Seychelles’ most northerly island is 100km or a 30-minute flight north of Mahé. The island was once known as Ile aux Vaches because of the dugongs (sea cows) that thrived there.

During the period of the southeast trade winds (May-September), Bird is colonised by more than a million sooty terns that each lay their eggs on their own exclusive square foot of territory. Bird also hosts populations of lesser noddies and fairy terns as well as white-tailed tropic birds, fodies, plovers and wimbrels.

Situated at the northern edge of the archipelago where the ocean floor plummets to 2000 metres, Bird has extraordinarily rich marine life in the form of hawksbill and green turtles, dolphins and even the occasional whale.

Once famous for its sizeable population of giant land tortoises, Bird now boasts 'Esmeralda,' the world’s heaviest giant land tortoise living in the wild, weighing in at over 300kg and reputed to be more than 200 years old. Incidentally, 'Esmeralda' is a male.

In the early 1970's, Bird turned to tourism, and with several conservation programmes in place, the Bird Island Lodge stands at the forefront of eco-tourism in Seychelles.

Twenty-four comfortable bungalows, excellent beaches, a reputation for good cuisine and a convivial atmosphere complement great opportunities for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and nature watching.


Establishment Island Rooms Beds Address Location Tel Fax
Bird Island Resort Bird 24 48 P O Box 1419 Bird Island 4224925 4225074



Bird Island (1985) Ltd
Type of Fishing Operator :  Big Game fishing, Deep sea fishing
Address :       PO Box 1419, Victoria, Mahé
Tel :      +248 4 22 49 25
Fax :      +248 4 22 50 74