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Island Group :      Inner Islands Group        fregate

Population :                   208
Distance from Mahé:      55km        
Area :                            2.19
Frégate is situated approximately 55km from Mahé and is the most distant of the granitic Inner Island group.

Frégate was a popular pirate haunt during the latter part of the 17th century and stories persist of treasure hidden somewhere on its 280 hectares.

The Seychellois magnate Harry Savy purchased the island after World War II, transforming it into a highly profitable venture by growing vegetables, fruit, coffee, vanilla, cinammon and poultry for markets on Mahé. The island sustained a population of some 100 persons, busily engaged in Savy’s several lucrative enterprises.

This island microcosm measuring some 2 square km is home to no less than fifty species of birds, among which is the rare Seychelles magpie robin, and also hosts the world’s only population of the giant tenebrionid beetle as well as numerous giant tortoises.

Frégate features a luxurious five-star eco-lodge offering the optimum in comfort and amenities that has become a favourite hideaway for Hollywood stars, with deluxe villas right on the foreshore to ensure each has a million-dollar sea view. Meanwhile guests are encouraged to engage themselves in the island’s many conservation projects, run by ecologists charged with keeping the island naturally pristine.

Beach Anse Victorin

Anse Victorin

This award-winning beach has often been voted the most beautiful beach in the world. It is a wide dazzlingly white expanse of powdery sand, surrounded by lush vegetation and granite rocks, and a bay of translucent ocean. An ideal location for swimming and snorkelling.

Anse Victorin is suitable for:

  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming

How to get there:

Anse Victorin is located on Frégate Island. Access to this beach is most convenient to guests staying at the islands resort, Frégate Island Private. Once on the island, guests of the hotel can ask for exact directions to the beach.

Fregate Island Private.

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Fregate Island Private Fregate 16 32 P O Box 330 Fregate Island 4670100 4670907