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Round Island (Praslin)

Round Island (Praslin)round island praslin
Island Group :      Inner Islands Group            
Area :                  0.193            

Round Island (Praslin)
Standing on the coral reef at the entrance to Baie Ste. Anne, Round possesses few beaches but waters renowned for the excellent snorkeling.

One of the many satellite islands of Praslin, this wonderfully rounded, lushly vegetated, 20-hectare isle is just about as round as and island can be. This granitic island was also once home to the Coco-de-Mer before the palms were cut down to make way for a coconut plantation. In the era when coprah still fetched relatively high prices on the world market, Round was once famed for the quality of its coconuts. Diving here uncovers multiple treasures such as giant stingrays and sleeping reef sharks. Bumphead parrotfish often swim past while several species of large grouper can also be found, concealed under overhangs and in holes around the rocky shoreline.


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