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Island Group :      Inner Islands Group            
Area :                 0.286            

Cousin lies just off the southwest coast of its close neighbour Praslin, just next to its island neighbour Cousine. Cousin is a special nature reserve home to some of Seychelles’ rarest birds, such as the Seychelles bush warbler and the Seychelles magpie robin.

Cousin has been a nature reserve since 1968 when it was purchased by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. In 1975 it was declared a special reserve by the Seychelles government, first managed by Birdlife International and now by local environment group Nature Seychelles.

Cousin is one of nature's treasure troves where every year 250,000 birds nest, among them the Seychelles sunbird, red turtle dove and moor hen. The island is also home to many fairy terns, noddies, frigate birds and shearwaters as well as being a place where certain species such as the Seychelles bush warbler have recovered from the edge of extinction.

There is a population of geckoes on the island, giant tortoises introduced from Aldabra and Cousin is also a favourite nesting site for hawksbill turtles.

Cousin is a popular venue with visitors for day trips that offer guided tours of this magnificent island sanctuary. Visits are organised from 0930hrs to 1200hrs, from Mondays to Fridays (closed on weekends and public holidays).