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Island Group :      Inner Islands Group            
Distance from Mahé:      6km        
Area :                           0.089

Some 6km east of Mahé and located within the Ste Anne Marine National Park, Moyenne is situated in close proximity to its neighbours, Round Island, Long Island and Ste Anne.

This beautiful, 10 hectare island is awash with tales of concealed treasure and the ghosts who have remained to guard it, presumably arising from the time when it was a pirate haunt.

The island was once owned by an eccentric English lady, Miss Emma Best, and her menagerie of stray dogs and other animals. From 1915 to the early 1970’s the island was abandoned before being purchased by Brendon Grimshaw, an English newspaper editor who’s restored the island into an easily accessible tropical garden, where he now lives Robinson Crusoe-style.

The island offers excellent swimming, snorkelling and trekking - a leisurely stroll around the island will take approximately 1 hour. There is no hotel accommodation offered on Moyenne, but excursions can be arranged through local ground handling operators.