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Island Group :      Amirantes Group        Population :      6
Distance from Mahé:      245km        Area :      0.27

Remire Island, also known as Eagle, lies approximately 245km south west of Mahé at the northern extremity of the Amirantes Bank.

This charming island surrounded by fish-rich waters was once the home of the American Wendy Veevers-Cater who spent some years on the island with her family before the tiny islet came under the management of the government’s Island Development Company (IDC).

The island was once much prized for its guano deposits and much of this compacted manure was mined after World War I together with the casuarina trees that gave the small island a picturesque profile. After the Veevers-Cater experiment in settling the island, IDC stationed a handful of workers there to keep the island clean, tend the coconut plantation and to maintain a small number of chalets.