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Farquhar Atoll

Farquhar Atoll
Island Group :      Farquhar Group        Population :      15
Distance from Mahé:      770km        Area :      7.99

The Farquhar Atoll comprises the islands Ile du Nord, Ile du Sud, Manaha Nord, Manaha Milieu, Manaha Sud, Goëlettes, Lapin, Ile du Milieu, Depose and Bancs de Sable.

This group lies a little over 700km from Mahé and is made up of the atolls of Farquhar and Providence together with the island of St Pierre. Beautiful lagoons within the atolls offer secure anchorages from the sometimes-stormy seas that surround them. There is no accommodation on the islands of the Farquhar Group.

Farquhar, Seychelles’ most southerly outpost, has an airstrip and is serviced by aircraft from Mahé on a charter basis.